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Finest Selection of Assorted Pastries for Chinese New Year from Hong Kong MX 

Throughout the years, Hong Kong MX has always been passionate about sharing the most iconic festive flavors at the highest quality to our customers, because we believe that these classic treats are essential in family gatherings on such a joyous occasion, and it completes this special reunion of loved ones this festive season.

Every single year, hundreds of customers rave about our pastries & cookies and tell us how good they taste. This festive season, give the gift that your friends & family will remember you for! 

Our flagship Eggrolls uses only 5 ingredients - with original french butter & fresh eggs; No preservatives, flavorings or colorings are added. Winning gold medal again this year of the annual Monde Selection Quality Award. Packaged in classic tin, this is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Enjoy an assortment of our favorite & unique cookies with the Assorted Cookies Gift Box or treat yourself to the perfect union between 192 layers of hand-crafted puff pastry and a bed of almonds. Our Mille-Feuilles provide a sensation like no other with its unique crunchiness. Enjoy these delectable treats this Lunar new year with your friends & family.

No preservatives, artificial flavours and artificial colours added.

This year we have 2 new friends in our collection who will be popular with both our younger and our young-at-heart fans. 

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