Frosts Food & Beverage Pte Ltd, +(65) 6862 2166,  marketing@frosts.com.sg,


MEDIA INQUIRIES CONTACT: tel: +65 6862 2166, email: marketing@frosts.com.sg


How can I make an online order?

Head to the eShop: www.hkmxproducts.sg to make your selection and order. Delivery is FREE for orders above $100. Receive assorted gifts with your online purchase.

What is the benefit of ordering online? 

Enjoy FREE gifts when you order at www.hkmxproducts.sg. Do note that there is a 10% cancellation fee for all circumstances of cancelled orders online. Chrome and Firefox are recommended for the best possible purchase experience when shopping on our site.

How can I make a corporate order?

Please contact marketing@frosts.com.sg for all corporate and bulk buy orders of 25 boxes and above. For eligible orders, there will be a 15% discount and an additional 5% for early birds before 1st Dec 2020.

What are my delivery options & Where can I collect my MX mooncakes?

We offer FREE delivery for purchases above $100.

This year, we are able to consolidate Additional orders to be shipped free with previous orders!

As long as your order is 72 hours before your original date of delivery, we will be able to add your new orders on.

It can only be submitted once and 72 hours before delivery/ collection date.

Do you have anything that contains less sugar, and is diabetic-friendly?

Yes we do. HKMX’s diabetic-friendly mooncakes do not skimp on flavour. They appeal to anyone who is looking for something much less sweet, and have become popular as gifts to those with dietary constraints. It uses isomaltulose (Isomalt), which is a sugar alcohol that has little to no impact on blood sugar levels, and does not stimulate the release of insulin. Customers repeatedly say it is the most natural-tasting of all the low-sugar options they have sampled.

What are my costs for delivery?

Delivery is free for all online purchases above $100, Do note that there will be a 10% cancellation charge in all instances of cancelled online orders. 

(For any additional drop points you will be charged $10.70 each.)

How can TroopBuy work for me and my kaki?

TroopBuy is a digital plug-in that enables convenient group buys. Round up your friends and save up to 15% on your purchases. TroopBuy removes the pain of organising groups to qualify for volume discounts in just a few steps. 

Step 1: Click on the bouncy button labelled “TroopBuy” to Learn More. Go to the TroopBuy section and select the product you would like to start a “campaign” for.

Step 2: Invite others to join the “campaign”, by sharing a direct link to it. You will receive a confirmation email. Secure your order with your credit card details. The campaign is successfully closed when buyers together meet the tier’s number of boxes.

Step 3: Choose your preferred collection or delivery method. TroopBuy will only charge your credit card after a “campaign” succeeds and closes.

Note: You can other items to your Troopbuy cart as well. TroopBuy is risk free, as no credit card charges will be made for incomplete or abandoned campaigns.