About HKMX Products

Frosts Food and Beverage has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Hong Kong MX products since 2006. We are proud to carry a line which focuses on innovation and quality.

MX Festive Delicacies - The Most Bountiful Blessings

Made & Imported from Hong Kong


A new year is upon us, and we wish everyone all the happiness and health both during and beyond the season of Chinese New Year! In celebration of such an important time, HONG KONG MX put in immense effort to create the most decadent festive treats. From Eggrolls and Hearty Butter Pastries to Mille-Feuilles and Cookies, we have kept the essence of each item's original flavour and baked them to a perfect crisp, making each gift box a sweet surprise. Under the rich festive atmosphere, share the most bountiful blessings to your family with Hong Kong MX gift boxes, and add some deliciousness to the joyous festival!