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TroopBuy allows you to group buy with your friends and family with the convenience of individual payment and preferred delivery arrangements. 

This year HKMX products Singapore is offering our customers convenient group buys for:

If you believe that together with your friends and colleagues you would be able to collectively hit the TroopBuy quantity, why not start a campaign on the relevant product page and email them the link or send it via WhatsApp or Facebook posts? 
They will go to your campaign page and buy the quantity they wish and make their own delivery (or collection) arrangements. 
You can enjoy the group buy discount without the hassle of coordinating it.

All the authorised payments from you and your friends will be held while you gather the troops to buy. When the campaign is successful, the payment gateway Stripe will process your authorised payments and your mooncakes will be ready for pick up or on the way to you on the day you have picked.

If a campaign is unsuccessful, all authorised payments held will be released back to the participants.
Delivery and Pickup
As a campaign starter you will get to dictate the address of one free delivery for the TroopBuy.
If the Free Delivery Address is convenient for the rest of the campaign followers, they can choose to deliver their buys to the same address at the same time as dictated by the campaign starter.

You are also able to collect your purchases with the QR code sent to you from any of the following locations, predetermined by you.

• Raffles Xchange 19 Aug to 13 Sep (excluding Sat and Sun)
• Causeway Point 30 Aug to 13 Sep
• Bugis Junction 02 Sep to 13 Sep
• Westgate 02 Sep to 13 Sep
• Tampines Mall 02 Sep to 13 Sep
• Compass One 03 Sep to 13 Sep

To buy other HKMX Products while participating in TroopBuy campaigns

All TroopBuy campaigns will be processed as individual transactions and separately from the purchase of any other HKMX products in your shopping cart.

You will receive separate confirmations via email for each TroopBuy campaign you participate in.

All other items which are not part of a TroopBuy campaign in your shopping cart will be processed together on a single receipt.

Do note that after a successful participation in a TroopBuy campaign or after processing other purchases in our shopping cart, you will be given a promotion code for the waiver of future delivery charges for additional purchases delivered to the same place on the same day.