Gifting & Multi Location Delivery

Exquisite Selection of Assorted Pastry Gift Sets from Hong Kong MX for this Gifting Season

We are launching an option to directly ship HKMX treats to your family and friends with multi location delivery this festive season. You can directly purchase multiple tins of HKMX treats and we will deliver your gifts to your friends and family in different locations within Singapore. 

You can also personalize your gifts for any of the HKMX gift sets with a message when sending them directly to your friends & family. Just add your message in the comments section during checkout. It will be printed on a special gift card (as shown below) and placed with the box before delivery. 

Step 1: Select the product & the number of deliveries you would like & place your order.

Step 2: Fill the delivery addresses in the form (link in product description as well as the order confirmation email received by you). Please fill in the complete address for each delivery location with phone number of recipient.

Step 3: Sit back & relax and your gifts with your personalized messages will be delivered to the recipients.

Important Points to Note:

1. If you want to purchase in bulk but want delivery to a single location please visit the Troopbuy section.

2. Delivery options that are available - 5/10/15 locations. We wont process refunds for any unused delivery allowances.

3. In case you require more than 15 tins please contact us directly at & we will get in touch with you.

4. Other items from HKMX can be directly added to your bulk buy cart as well. You do not need to separately place another order. But please note 1 location will be considered as your home address in this case.

10% Cancellation fee will be applied in all circumstances.

FREE gifts for total cart purchases above $100. Please check out our FAQ for any other questions you might have. 
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