Mini 4 - Hong Kong MX Snowy mini 4 - Cha Chan Tang Series | 美心冰室冰皮

Expiry Date: 17th October 2023

Snowy mini 4 - Cha Chan Tang (Red)
Sample the iconic taste of Hong Kong through signature drinks perfected by local restaurants over the years, now delivered via your favorite snowy mooncake format.

Red Bean Iced Drink 2 pcs
- The signature deluxe drink for local Hong Kong restaurants, red bean ice in the snowy mooncake format is a delicious cultural experience.
Sweet & Savory Lemon and Lime Soda 2 pcs
- This specialty drink with a touch of savoriness is the most refreshing flavor you can find, and now you can taste it as a snowy mooncake.

Item Description:

紅豆冰 | 30克 x 2

鹹檸 | 30克 x 2

Iced Red Bean | 30g x 2

Iced Salty Lemon Soda | 30g x 2

Net Weight/box: 120g

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

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