Hong Kong MX Exquisite Combo (31Pcs) | 美心花團錦鏽禮盒 (31件裝)

MX Exquisite Combo (31 pcs)

A mindfully curated collection of four category of MX pastries, this exquisite combo, deliver the joy of New Year in the most joyful manner with this gift box.

Petite Original Eggrolls (9 pcs)

        This classic treat uses only five ingredients - French butter, fresh eggs, quality flour, sugar, and water. Enjoy the buttery aroma and eggy flavor for some pure delight.

Petite Almond Mille-feuille (4 pcs)

        Each tin comes with 12 pieces of bite-sized Almond Mille-feuilles. Enjoy the 192 layers of crunchy pastry full of almond flavor

Cashew Nut Cookie (6 pcs)

        The cookie with a touch of cashews to enhance the indulgent aroma.

Original Hearty Butter Pastry (6 pcs)

        Using only New Zealand butter and a specialized double-baked technique to create the perfect caramelized exterior, this treat is crusty outside and fluffy inside.

Maple Syrup Flavor Hearty Butter Pasty (6 pcs)

        A touch of quality maple syrup adds a layer of complexity to this sweet treat.


31 pcs/box, weighs approximately 238.2/box


Made with butter, no margarine, nor shortening.


Made in Hong Kong

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