• MX Pastries Trio Deluxe (38pcs)|美心三重奏禮盒 (38件裝)

MX Pastries Trio Deluxe (38pcs)|美心三重奏禮盒 (38件裝)

The MX Pastries Trio Deluxe is a delectable combination of special treats, all of them eager to please, including crowd favorites like our Butter Cookies, Almond Millie-Feuilles. and Hearty Butter Pastries. The new pastel pink packaging will put a smile on anyone's face, and the individual packaging makes it great for gifting.

Original Almond Mille-Feuille (3 pcs)

After a refined crafting process, the 192 layers of puff pastry are completed with New Zealand butter and topped with almond slices of almonds to create a crispy, delicious treat.

Hazelnut Mille-Feuille (3 pcs)

Layers of pristine puff pastry paired with crushed hazelnuts - this treat boasts a heavenly texture.

Original Hearty Butter Pastry (6 pcs)

Using only New Zealand butter and a specialized double-baked technique to create the perfect caramelized exterior, this treat is crusty outside and fluffy inside.

Maple Syrup Flavor Hearty Butter Pasty (6 pcs)

Presenting the most classic cookie flavor using French butter and fresh eggs - experience the difference of mastery craftsmanship.

Butter Cookie (10 pcs)

Nothing beats a classic cookie. Made with French butter and farm-fresh eggs, taste the difference and savor this delectable treat crafted by masters.

Hazelnut Cookie (5 pcs)

Using Italian hazelnuts exclusively for a crunchy and flavorful cookie

Macadamia Nut Cookie (5 pcs)

Made with Australian Macadamia Nuts, New Zealand butter, and farm-fresh eggs. Perfect for nut lovers.

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