Lava Quartet Mooncakes

Expiry Date: 06 Oct 2020

Item Description:

Assortment of Lava series mooncakes, with the finest Mooncake Lavafied technique, it brings you a new level of gastronomy & visual enjoyment by four different Lava mooncake flavors.

The aromatic and smooth golden filling would seep out from the mooncake without being heated up

8 pcs/box, approx. 45g/pc

Lava Cheese Mooncake x2

Lava Custard Mooncake x2

Lava Caramel Macchiato Mooncake x2

Lava Chocolate Mooncake x2








Serving Tips:

After removing the wrapper, heat the mooncake with microwave oven (1000W) for 3-5 seconds, if product is at room temperature. If the mooncake is taken out from the refrigerator, bring it up to room temperature in 10 minutes, or remove the wrapper and heat with a microwave oven (1000W) for 12-15 seconds.

Box Dimensions: 33.2cm x 17cm x 6.1cm

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

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