Mille - Feuille Gift Set 杏仁條榛子條禮盒(18Pcs) - Bulk

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Item Description:

A perfect union between 192 layers of hand-crafted puff pastry and a bed of almonds, our Mille-Feuilles provide a sensation like no other with its unique crunchiness

  • Pastry contains 192 delicate layers which gives an excellent crispy  texture
  • Made with pure New Zealand butter
  • No Margarine, no shortening
  • No colorings, antioxidants and preservatives added

Each box contains:

杏仁條 (原味) Almond Mille-feuille (Original) (10pcs)
杏仁條 (朱古力味) Almond Mille-feuille (Chocolate Flavour) (4pcs)
榛子條 Hazelnut Mille-feuille (4pcs)

18 pcs/box | Net Weight: 178g

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

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