DISNEY LOTSO BEAR-REDBEAN MOONCAKES-4pcs | 美心「彼思反斗奇兵系列勞蘇」月餅禮盒 - 純正豆沙月餅

Expiry Date: 24th October 2023

Pixar Toy Story Collection Lotso” Mooncake Gift Box (New)
Red Bean Paste Mooncake

The design of this 3D mooncake tin draws inspiration from the popular Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear from Toy Story, and the result is an adorable pink Lotso bust that will put some bright smiles on faces.
The versatile giftbox is aesthetically pleasing and practical, standing out as a decor piece and functional as storage for small items like treats or jewelry.
This is an item designed for collectors, accompanied by a dedicated paper box and a meticulously crafted paper bag.

4 pcs/box, approx. 70g/pc

Item Description:
彼思反斗奇兵系列勞蘇」月餅禮盒 - 純正豆沙月餅| 70克 x 4


4 pcs/box |  Net Weight: 280g

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

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