MX Assorted Petite Eggrolls (36pcs) | 美心精緻精選蛋卷 (36件裝)

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Combining refreshing new flavors and our classics, each Assorted Petite Eggroll set comes with four equally delectable varieties - original, coconut, chocolate, and matcha. 


Petite Original Eggrolls (9 pcs)

  • This classic treat uses only five ingredients - French butter, fresh eggs, quality flour, sugar, and water. Enjoy the buttery aroma and eggy flavor for some pure delight.

Petite Chocolate Eggrolls (9 pcs)

  • Using French imported Cacao Barry's cocoa powder for a rich and indulgent chocolate sensation.

Petite Matcha Eggrolls (9 pcs)

  • Carefully selected Japanese matcha powder balances the richness of butter and fresh eggs perfectly.

Petite Coconuts Eggrolls (9 pcs)

  • Using rich coconut milk to match coconut sugar for an added tropical touch, all the elements come together in harmony for a delectable treat.


4 individual Packs x 9 pcs, 36 pcs/box, weighs approximately 208.8g/box


Made with butter; no margarine, nor shortening.

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

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