Hong Kong MX Assorted Petite Four Flavors Eggrolls (36Pcs) | 美心精緻四式雞蛋卷 (36條裝)

MX Assorted Petite Four Flavours Eggrolls (36pcs)

Combining refreshing new flavors and our classics, each Assorted Petite Eggroll set comes with four equally delectable varieties - original, coconut, chocolate, and Strawberry. 


Petite Original Eggrolls (9 pcs)

    This classic treat uses only five ingredients - French butter, fresh eggs, quality flour, sugar, and water. Enjoy the buttery aroma and eggy flavor for some pure delight.


Petite Chocolate Eggrolls (9 pcs)

    Using French imported Cacao Barry's cocoa powder for a rich and indulgent chocolate sensation.


Petite Strawberry Eggrolls (9 pcs)

    Carefully selected Strawberry balances the richness of butter and fresh eggs perfectly.


Petite Coconuts Eggrolls (9 pcs)

    Using rich coconut milk to match coconut sugar for an added tropical touch, all the elements come together in harmony for a delectable treat.


4 individual Packs x 9 pcs, 36 pcs/box, weighs approximately 208.8g/box


Made with butter, no margarine, nor shortening.


Made in Hong Kong

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